Web Usability Evaluation

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Good User Experience (UX) is not an event, it is a journey. When it comes to improving customer experiences, there can be no half-hearted attempts. Embracing UX is not a one-time event and therefore, should be a fluid and most importantly continuous part of every business’s long-term online strategy.

Good brand experience design is about closing the gap between your business strategy and your audience in a way that creates value for all. We increase awareness and differentiation through creative excellence. Simply put, we have the expertise and creativity to make the difference in front of your audience. 

How did Deloitte Digital help? At Deloitte Digital, we work with clients on their digital journey and we are able to provide true end-to-end solutions. This enabled us to support BELS on multiple fronts, with the main ones being:

Malta Tourism Authority

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MTA required a portal that improved the overall aesthetic and user experience to make the site more engaging, whilst truly representing the values portrayed by the VisitMalta brand. In addition, they tasked our team to implement a content management system that catered for new features and functionality and allowed users to update the site easily on a regular basis. MTA also wanted to establish SEO foundations for future growth and to leverage organic traffic.