Social Media Marketing Services

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Why use social media? Globally, social media has become a major marketing tool for all businesses across the world. Users are spending more time on social media compared to other internet applications and websites. This makes social media platforms invaluable when it comes to reaching out and marketing to prospective customers, while interacting with existing clients and strengthening relationships.

A dynamic approach to strategy


Strategy implementation efforts are often bogged down by such pitfalls as team members’ inability to translate leaders’ directives into actions or change course based on new information.

Digital strategy in retail: Four key areas of engagement

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Retail is an industry that undergoes constant change. The way people make purchasing decisions has changed dramatically since the days of the corner shop 50 years ago, where we bought largely what we needed from what was available - supermarkets have replaced such stores now.

Digital transformation: What does it mean for business?

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There is a lot of talk about how all industries, indeed all companies, must transition to become digital, must engage in digital transformation. But the first step has to be to understand what this actually means. Is it about the better utilisation of technology? A better way to engage more directly with clients and/or suppliers? Or is being digital about disruption, potentially completely overhauling your industry?