Integration Services

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For the past years, your organisation may have invested in several technologies and solutions and you are now looking for a means to make such platforms communicate with each other. Perhaps you have business process, which are common to multiple systems. In the traditional system design, each system would have the same implementation of such processes. If this is what you are looking for than we can help.

Does your organisation have multiple processes which needs to be executed but which are currently run independently? Alternatively, perhaps your processes require input from entities outside of your organisation as well as entities within your organisation. Such process can include employee on boarding, customer on boarding, merging cross-organisation processes etc.

Leverage insight-driven strategies and advanced technology solutions to energize sales and service operations for digitally powered growth. Our technology professionals can help you resolve the most critical information and technology challenges.

Driving digital transformation for JAYE Malta Foundation

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JAYE Malta Foundation wanted to evolve and deliver their programmes in an automated self-led manner, which would increase their accessibility and reach. Deloitte Digital was instrumental in JAYE’s digital transformation journey by supporting them with a custom-made CRM and automated Salesforce platform.