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After Spectre and Meltdown...ZombieLoad

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In 2018, we had the CPU exploits and bugs called Spectre and Meltdown, about which I have also written an article. Security researchers have found a new class of vulnerabilities in Intel chips which can be used to steal sensitive information if exploited, just like Spectre and Meltdown did.

An evolution of computer games

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Whenever I see my sons playing some Roblox games on the iPad, my mind immediately goes back in time to when I was a kid the same age as them in the 80s. Maybe I am getting old, but I always tell them that, back then, games were more addictive and more difficult to play. Obviously I’m somewhat nostalgic about those days but no one can deny the huge leaps and bounds that computer games have undergone over the last 40-odd years.

An in-depth look at Website Development vs Mobile App Development

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Whether you're a software developer motivated to create a new application, a business owner wanting to expose your business on the internet, or simply an entrepreneur looking to show off your million-dollar idea, one thing to be considered at an early stage would be the platform on which your new web application would run.