AR – a technology for the present or the future?

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Science fiction has presented us with various concepts for augmented reality (AR) for a number of years. Even movies like Star Wars and The Matrix gave us insights about how it could happen. The reality is that augmented reality has come a long way since it was idealised in science fiction books and movies.

Blockchain in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry

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Blockchain and Distributed ledger technology-based projects are appearing in every industry. A research report carried out by Deloitte on GitHub, shows that around 86,000 projects (9,375 carried out by companies and research institutions) are in development with a reported growth of 8,603 projects a year.

Data centre analytics: The Competitive Advantage

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In today’s IT-dependent world, the data centre plays an integral role and determines whether your business achieves success or failure, profit or deficit, market gains or losses. Data centres are the factories of the internet age, providing the infrastructure for the delivery of digital business services

Error correction and detection in IT, technically speaking

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Quite literally, error correction is the reason why we enjoy clear digital movies, static free tv and free flowing mobile phone information. But how does it work? Error correction is why we have a good working technology in IT and technology in general. It is the reason why your Blu-ray disk displays a clear movie and with sound format resembling continuity. It is the reason why we can enjoy TV stations without stuttering and static.