Securing a WordPress site

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WordPress is a very popular content management system (CMS) on the internet nowadays, so it is only natural that it brings with it security concerns and is prone to increased risks of attack when vulnerabilities are discovered in its system.

Over the last few centuries, one can imagine that the process of shopping has experienced little change. With the arrival of the digital age, shopping has become a multifaceted experience for both business and consumer. A decade or two ago, furnishing your house was a time consuming mission.

Should you upgrade your hard disk drive?


ntel, the world's largest chipmaker, has detailed a big change to the timeframe at which it makes the silicon that powers smartphones, computers and servers. Instead of doubling the amount of transistors on a chip every 24 months, the so-called Moore's Law that has driven the tech industry for decades is now questionable, Intel now says that the process will advance every 30 months.

Slow WiFi? Your neighbour could be the culprit!


Your WiFi connection may not be as slow as you think it is and knowing how you can boost your speed by modifying the channels your connection is using should be a good point of reference. Channels are means through which your WiFi connection is established.