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There was once an infamous computer related ‘inconvenience’ known as the Millennium Bug. This bug (a.k.a the Y2K or Year 2000 Bug) caused many to live in dread of what, looking back, was no more than a supremely hyped matter about an existing programming “bug” residing on the older populace of computers and network equipment at the time.

Social Impact of Exponential Technologies

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Around the globe, an emerging entrepreneur class is accessing, adopting, and experimenting with exponential technologies, whose performance relative to cost and size is more than doubling every 12 to 18 months.

Stephen Hawking's vision of future AI

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One of the brightest minds of humanity, Steven Hawking, recently passed away at the age of 76. Apart from his legendary insight about black holes and Hawking radiation, Hawking spoke about many different issues during his lifetime - one of which was Artificial Intelligence (AI) and his fear of it overtaking human intelligence and spelling our doom.

32 million, 100 million, 360 million… No, were not talking about money, but usernames and passwords. It has been much more common of late to see a headline dominating the news about cyber-crime and more precisely, about stolen passwords.