Storage connectivity: A practical approach


In this article, we’ll tackle an important yet undervalued aspect in the world of IT. This is the realm of storage and connectivity in particular.

The Internet of Things and its benefits


These 'smart devices’ can be anything from mobile phones, fridges, washing machines to wearables, medical equipment or jet engines. In a few words, in the Internet of Things, objects use the web and unique identifiers such as RFID tags or processors in order to exist as part of the internet.

The leaps and bounds of facial recognition

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From the start, facial recognition systems were always aimed at improving security in our daily life. Following the recent announcement from Apple that their newest iPhone X phone now supports this technology, not only to unlock the phone but to also pay online, people are asking whether this is a question of “too soon” or whether face recognition is actually secure enough to identify people for online transaction tasks.

The Responsive Dictionary – what you need to know about your modern website

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When talking about web design today, it’s impossible not to hear the term “responsive design” mentioned frequently. At this point, most of us probably know what it means in general and how important it is, for marketing reasons, to have an online presence that is attractive and accessible on every type of from desktop to mobile.