Underwater data centres and why they are so cool (literally)?

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Microsoft turned heads and made headlines earlier in 2018 when they literally sunk a whole datacentre under water. Is it a far-fetched idea or is it the future of datacentre computing and building? Submarine for servers Building a submarine for servers sounds expensive, and it is. However, the hope is that much of the total cost of ownership is upfront. Microsoft certainly thinks that the structure in place is simpler and more uniform that what they have for on-land data centres today.

Virtual Reality Headsets

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As many gifts were unwrapped just a few weeks ago, you can be sure that someone out there was the lucky recipient of one of the more futuristic gadgets that have recently begun to enter the commercial marketplace – the virtual reality headset.

WannaCry makes me wanna cry


One of the more dominant world news headlines in May 2017 was the rise of WannaCry; the new ‘ransomware’ threat that took thousands of computers by storm in hundreds of countries.

WiFi: A progressive evolution

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WiFi is a term that everybody knows about nowadays and has become an integral part of everyday life. From our smartphones, to game consoles and computers, most devices on the market today are equipped with WiFi.