Do you have your own development team but struggle to keep up with the required work? Alternatively, perhaps you know that a new project is going to start soon but you do not have enough resource to finish it off efficiently. It could be that you are missing a particular skill set in your technical team.

In 2012, Deloitte Digital designed and developed the Bank’s website. Following this in 2017, APS Bank approached Deloitte Digital once again to revamp its website and handle the design and development of the dedicated interactive information kiosk screens used in their branches while adhering to their latest corporate identity guidelines.

An in-depth look at Website Development vs Mobile App Development

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Whether you're a software developer motivated to create a new application, a business owner wanting to expose your business on the internet, or simply an entrepreneur looking to show off your million-dollar idea, one thing to be considered at an early stage would be the platform on which your new web application would run.

Avoiding human error through good design

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“To err is human;” as Alexander Pope said in his poem An Essay on Criticism, Part II , in 1711. While anyone can make mistakes, there are a few tips that a designer or developer can consider in order to make a user’s experience easier and more rewarding. In many fields, a range from 75 to 95 percent of all accidents are reported as human error.