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New Deloitte Insights report: Automation with Intelligence


According to Deloitte’s new publication Automation with intelligence: Pursuing organisation-wide reimagination two thirds of business leaders used automation to respond to the impact of COVID-19. Based on a global survey of 441 executives, including respondents from Malta, the insights highlight that the pandemic forced organisations to rethink how work is done. Through the survey results and case studies Deloitte shows how cloud and automation-as-a-service have been used to rapidly deploy automations to support home working, ensure business continuity and manage significant rises in processing volumes.

Usage of RPA has soared since 2015, when just 13% of leaders said they expected to increase automation in the coming months by investing in RPA.

While robotics has now been adopted widely, the full potential of automation lies in an ever-increasing range of technologies, tools and techniques. The pace of technology innovation continues to outstrip the pace of automation adoption and, as a result, we still have a long way to go before automation's benefits are fully realised. Upskilling the workforce so every employee can effectively use new technologies to improve their role while building a culture that prioritises learning and creativity will ensure that the people do not get left behind in the race to scale new technologies.

Download the full report here.