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The Office of the Ombudsman

Digital transformation of case management

The Ombudsman’s objective is to contribute towards the development of a public service-culture characterized by fairness, dedication, commitment, openness, accountability and the promotion of the right to good public administration.

The caseload of the Office that comprised all enquiries made, complaints filed and own initiative investigations handled by the Ombudsman and his Commissioners, was managed through software referred to as Case Management System (CMS). The system had been in use since the year 2000, however it lacked certain features and automation that primarily facilitate the handling of online complaints. The Office of the Ombudsman was looking for a modern, fast and secure system that would enable the Ombudsman’s Office to achieve the desired digital transformation required today.

Apart from the online integration, the Office urgently required a more efficient digital tool to handle and process complaints with flexible workflow rules, templates and ad hoc reporting. A system that would not only facilitate the process of investigation providing means for adequate follow up in a more transparent and accountable process, but also and perhaps more importantly, that would be more customer friendly providing direct access and information regarding the progress registered in dealing with complaints, to complainants and public authorities alike. A system that would however be tailor made to satisfy the particular requisites laid down by law that the Ombudsman was bound to follow in the investigation of complaints, especially those safeguarding privacy and confidentiality.


How did Deloitte Digital help?

Together with Deloitte Digital, The Office embarked on an ambitious project to have a cloud based platform to serve as a backbone for the case management operations integrated within a new complaints website. This was possible through the implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud as a case management system for their employees and a customer-facing portal built with Umbraco CMS for citizens to lodge complaints/enquiries, request appointments and provide feedback anonymously online. Further to this, the new CMS provides citizens with a user-portal allowing them to login and review the status of their complaints/enquiries and appointments. The solution included the seamless integration between SF and CMS using API’s as well as the setup of Azure for hosting of the CMS.

The solution will provide The Office with a centralised repository for handling cases and related communications as well as streamlined communications using email templates. The secure and integrated portal will be the main channel for customer interactions and will allow for the tracking of the full lifecycle of each case and any related cases. The system also features advanced search and reporting capabilities leading to improved efficiencies.

“For the Office of the Ombudsman, the project of the Case Management System was an essential part of the modernisation of the institution. From the outset, we knew that the requirements were ambitious and complex. With the help of Deloitte and its dedicated and professional team members, in the end, what seemed like an arduous task, resulted in a seamless and smooth transition.” 

Jurgen Cassar
Head of Communications and Research



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