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Yellow is a technology company committed to increasing local businesses’ presence through its’ digital channels. Yellow delivers rich content and an enhanced search experience through listings, articles, media, pictures, videos, links maps, its Yellow marketplace and websites. It enables shoppers to discover top-ranking businesses and make informed decisions when looking for a product or service.

With many years of experience, Yellow has continued to transform itself through a solid business strategy and the creative use of technology.

As part of the company’s digital transformation efforts, Yellow embarked on a workforce transformation project with the aim to improve its employee’s digital skills.

How did Deloitte Digital help?

At Deloitte Digital, we help companies to capitalise and elevate the human experience. We help businesses and their employees to face new challenges in the digital world and support them in setting up ‘digital organizations’. This means we can help organisations set up, operate and behave in a digital way.

For Yellow, we have developed a number of tailor made training sessions for their sales team to help them progress in the digital marketing landscape. The sessions were delivered through a participative approach and with a key focus on best practice and business case scenarios.

The sessions covered various modules including:

  • Introduction to digital marketing, new business models and the benefits of digital marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimisation and practical ways to increase organic ranking.
  • Pay Per Click advertising and setting up online campaigns.
  • Digital display advertising, the importance of landing pages and the concept of remarketing campaigns.
  • The benefits of email marketing and best practices.
  • The importance of social media management, how to use it and building a social media strategy.
  • Social media advertising, setting up social campaigns and how to find the right target audience.
  • Analytics, metrics, KPIs and performance management.

All the sessions were very helpful to develop and strengthen Yellow’s team knowledge in digital marketing. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, both in terms of content and format.

“Thanks to Deloitte’s experience we were able to create and tailor make a specific training module to suit our needs, thus providing a solid foundation block for our teams progression on our Digital Journey at Yellow”. Michael Cassar Torregiani, Project Leader


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