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Q & A with Deloitte Digital (part 1)

Q & A with Deloitte Digital (part 1)

What is Digital?
Digital is a time we live in which is forever changing the marketplace. It is fuelled by technology and symbolised by rapid growth and connectivity.

What does Digital mean for businesses?
Digital is transforming the way we do business and influences each person in quite a distinctive manner. While some areas of business are being revolutionise, others are taking advantage of the beneficial capabilities that digital brings. Customer engagement, productivity, sales and marketing and other areas of business are being revaluated. For those who want to do well in this new era, they need to partner up with someone that breaks down the traditional approach to business, technology and creative services.

What is Deloitte Digital?
Deloitte Digital is a digital consulting agency. We’re both an agency and a consultancy. Our combination of technology experts, industry leaders and creative gurus, gives us the ability to realign businesses with digital proficiencies in a way that no one else can.

What do you do that’s different from other agencies or consultancies?
We combine our expertise in digital and creative, together with industry understanding and technological proficiency that Deloitte is known for. Having a deep knowledge of the digital space and being ready for the future is in essence what we are about. We help clients how to redefine profitable scenarios, how to rewire organisational communication toward productivity, remodel business practices, and fundamentally change the competitive nature of industries. What makes us different is the distinct experience we share and the exceptional performance we deliver.

How is Deloitte Digital different from Deloitte Consulting?
There is a difference to our method. At Deloitte Digital, we enable change mainly through the application of digital technology and then use the broader capabilities that the firm offers to assist our clients in reaching their transformational targets. Our emphasis is to build an agile enterprise that can leverage the potential of the digital era.

Why or how are you better than other firms?
We like to say that we’re “pioneering a new model for a new age”. By this we mean that we are focused on the customer journey, inspired by true creativity, focused on quality and delivery, and rooted in the deep knowledge of business strategy, transformation, and systems integration. We also have a lot of experience. Because we are one of the world’s largest consulting firms held in such high esteem, we’re able to offer considerable industry expertise that is unmatched.

What’s your pitch?
Deloitte Digital is about innovation. Before disruption can take place, we use digital technology to help businesses take advantage of those disruptors. We give them the tools for change to develop ecosystems, to build relationships and to invent new ways of doing things. We also work hand in hand to fashion and deliver stunning and complete experiences that will surprise and delight their customers.

Why Malta?
The Digital space in Malta is such that the time is right for us to be here. We see great potential for digital in Malta and neighbouring regions as businesses are seeking help on how to tackle the winds of disruption that digital will bring on their business. Deloitte Malta has placed digital strategy and transformation at the forefront of its agenda by acquiring Alert Group, the leading digital development company in Malta for online and mobile strategy along with design and development. By combining our digital and creative skills with industry expertise we have built up over the years, the Deloitte Digital team will be offering a comprehensive range of services to companies who want to make effective use of the digital capabilities in order to grow their business.