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Q & A with Deloitte Digital (part 2)

Q & A with Deloitte Digital (part 2)

Where is the market going and how are we meeting those needs?
Today we can talk about drones, robotics, wearables, connected homes, the Internet of Things, AI, API etc., - it’s a world of interconnectivity which is bringing about rapid change to the way we do things and to the future of business. Digital has already enabled the average consumer to benefit in multiple ways and to such an extent that no one could have foreseen. But now we do actually need to look into the future to understand how to adapt in the current era. It is clear that Digital is no longer a lone concept, suggesting consumables, mobile and internet. Evidence of the exponential shift that Digital has brought means it must be ingrained as a fundamental and necessary strategy in business operations. We are perfectly positioned to meet this demand – where we can facilitate business transformation, revolutionise practices and address tomorrows issues today. Deloitte Digital combines creative genius, industry leadership and a deep technological understanding to deliver such evolutionary innovation.

What gaps do you see in your ability to deliver digital, and what are your plans to close these gaps?
We’re saying that we’ve “developed a new model for a new age”, because we do what no other agency or consultancy can - as a market leader bringing such a broad range of services. Of course we won’t rest on our laurels and we’re always looking for the next idea, the innovative and yet to be invented and excellent above all. We also have a tradition of attracting top talent and will continue to be forceful in looking ahead to ensuring that market needs are met.

How is the new market offering different from Deloitte Consulting’s existing offerings?
We have a different perspective. We don’t look at digital as the lone wolf but rather as a part of the pack, foundational and integral to business transformation. We first look at the potential of digital and future consumer demands.

Why does Deloitte Digital have a different brand than Deloitte Consulting?
Because we take a DIGITAL first approach to all business challenges. Deloitte Consulting lends its knowledge and industry expertise but our strategy is a pioneering one and we wanted to make that clear at the outset which is why it’s in our name.

Who do you see as the competition?
Quite honestly, we don’t! Because we fill the gap that exists between agencies and consultancies – we are pioneering a new model for a new age – we are the experts at assimilating CIO and CMO forces. Our competencies range from traditional agencies to consultants and everything in between. Our sights are clearly set on helping our customers to develop, not to look at what others are doing. We also regularly receive commendations and renown in digital strategy consulting.

What’s next?
Digital is happening. It’s flowing through the veins of culture, into our systems and our very future is designed from it. It brings disruption which must be engaged and leveraged – this change in the way we see and do things is something that goes much deeper than what most are used to – Deloitte Digital is championing that change through innovation and deep understanding of the human condition and the context in which it exists now and for the future.

A last word?
Business transformation is taking place faster than we realise, enabled by Digital - this is also true for Governments and individuals alike. It is redefining the way we do things, the way businesses operate and engage with customers – it is weaving its way into the fabric of the future and there is no doubt that businesses must stand up and address the situation to safeguard beneficial prospects. The risk of not doing so is to lose advantage to the competition. For us, leading this revolution and being a facilitator means exciting times ahead for our clients and Deloitte Digital in Malta.