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  • Most of the time, Weird is good

    One way or another, everyone has heard about Database Marketing (DBM). Maybe not the actual ‘scientific’ term but its meaning or core message. Database Marketing isn’t just a customer record, but a tool to approach and strengthen ties with consumers, among many other functions.
  • 4 ways to empower millennial workers

    Millennials seek purpose, flexibility, collaboration, and innovation at work. To help build and nurture their organisations’ young talent—while fostering an environment that can benefit employees of all ages—CIOs and their C-suite counterparts can focus on improving four areas
  • Should you upgrade your hard disk drive?

    Although one might not feel it yet, the pace of technological innovation is slowing down.
  • Improving a websites performance (Part 1)

    For the past decade, internet speeds have become more reliable, both for a wired and a wireless connection. We are able to retrieve large chunks of data at an impressive rate and load relatively bulky web content at lightning speed when compared to the dial up days. As web developers, we shouldn't allow such a commodity to make us lazy when we develop websites and web applications.
  • A dynamic approach to strategy

    Strategy implementation efforts are often bogged down by such pitfalls as team members’ inability to translate leaders’ directives into actions or change course based on new information.
  • Equipping the EU payments market for the digital age – the second payment services directive (PSD 2)

    Consumers, especially millennials, are quickly adopting new digital payment methods and are now used to engaging directly and immediately with retailers. They expect their needs to be anticipated across a range of products and services and expect similar responsiveness from their payment service providers (PSPs). Traditional PSPs do not have long to adjust to this new reality and avoid going the way of the dodo.
  • The power of user attention and the art of SEM

    Think about it for a second: How can you attract something that you aren’t aware of? From a marketing perspective, how can you get a user to like your product when they don’t even know it exists?
  • Tech Trends 2017 - The kinetic enterprise

    Blink and you could miss it. The speed at which technology advances and upgrades can seem overwhelming. In the kinetic enterprise, the only constant is change...
  • Hard disk evolution

  • Smart collaboration in mobile payments

    The mobile payments ecosystem is expanding, providing new opportunities for companies that can work together to generate value for consumers and ecosystem participants alike.