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Do you know what your rights as an EU consumer are? Do you know what rights you have regarding settling in another EU country? The need to have a central, online location from where one can get to know about one’s EU rights as a citizen was identified by MEUSAC. Alert was entrusted with the creation of this website. The brief was clear, the site had to be highly informative, without being boring. Different generations were being targeted which ranged from school children to adults and senior citizens. The challenge in this project was to make extensive, informative articles as interesting and readable as possible.


The Alert Team worked hand in hand with the MEUSAC team in order to develop a graphical interface that engages the audience. The interface had to be innovative, fresh and appealing. The site needed an approach which wouldn’t drive away users with heavy, corporate looks and sophisticated legal words. It had to be innovative, intuitive and appealing to the general public, including youngsters and school children. Alert delivered a very colourful and creative design. The use of big, graphical icons for the main sections makes the site easy to understand, as users can easily recognise what each main topic includes. The main page of the site uses a scrolling effect to deliver the salient points. The major categories are outlined to give ease of access. A large footer is included with links to all the pages in the site. This helps users find what they want, quickly. For those who prefer using the traditional menus, a drop down menu is included on top. This allows users to navigate easily throughout the site. Breadcrumbs on secondary pages help the users find their way back to the main sections. Each sub page includes further links to related external sites and frequently asked questions enabling users to seek more information.

Apart from pages of information, this new website also features a whole section of online games and quizzes, ideal for different age groups. The online puzzles aim at teaching facts in a playful atmosphere. The games where designed and developed by Alert using Flash Technology.

The site is fully integrated to the Alert Web Publisher. This gives power to the staff at MEUSAC to edit any of the pages and create new ones without requiring any web development skills. Alert Web Publisher Modules like Photo galleries, News and Events are also included. The site is safely hosted at the Alert Data Centre, guaranteeing 99.9% of uptime and adequate bandwidth on a 24/7 basis.


The result of this project is an innovative site that surely doesn’t miss the fun element, while delivering the appropriate content. Text is concise and uses lay words that translate complicated laws into simple, everyday language that is easy for consumers understand. The use of innovative imagery has created a site that appeals to young generations without appearing too childish for the older ones.