Hotel Fortina


Services Used


    Web Development


    Payment Gateway


    Deloitte Digital Web Publisher




The challenge

The travel industry is being reshaped as individuals are no longer requiring the services of tour operators but are looking for and booking accommodation, flights and excursions directly with the service providers. Hotel Fortina and Fortina Spa Resort decided to approach this change by building a stronger online presence for their 2 properties. The project was entrusted to Alert Communications.

The approach

Alert Communications created 2 websites, one for Hotel Fortina and one for Fortina Spa Resort. Although the sites are very similar in design, each one of them portrays a different image and targets its own particular niche market. Both sites enable the users to check for availability and book their stay at the hotels. The booking engine is powered by the Alert Travel Manager. This product is also compatible with 3rd party programs like Rate Tiger allowing the site administrators to post rates and availability once, and update all channels with one simple click.

The booking is completed by the users through a secure connection with the Alert Payment Gateway, enabling users to pay directly for their holiday in a safe environment. Both sites are also connected to the Alert Web Publisher, giving the site administrators complete control over the text and images that appear on their site. Users can add and remove pages, add menus, promotional banners and videos.

The Hotel Fortina Site and Fortina Spa Resort sites are hosted at the Alert Data Centre. This gives the site owners peace of mind, knowing that their servers are hosted in a state of the art data centre with 99.99% guaranteed uptime. The data centre administrators are available 24/7.

Alert suggested that in order to reach out to the users out there, Fortina invest in other online channels that pull users to the Hotel Fortina and Fortina Spa Resort sites. Fortina have invested in Facebook, You Tube, Flickr, Twitter and also on Search Engine Optimisation. The Facebook Welcome pages have been designed and developed by Alert. The content of these pages can be easily managed through the Alert Web Publisher too. Alert are also using white hat techniques to ensure that the Hotel Fortina and Fortina Spa Resort sites rank well on Google. The Social Media activity is being meticulously planned by Alert Communications. Social Media is evolving at a very fast pace, and it is of utmost importance for marketing teams to keep abreast of new technologies and trends that become available. A team of Social Media experts at Alert Communications makes it possible to site administrators to know about the latest trends and to adopt them to make sure that their social media campaign is working for their product.

The result

The results of this successful project can be seen by users and by Hotel Fortina and Fortina Spa Resort staff alike. Users are now getting a better website experience, with an intuitive site that is easy and fun to use. Activity is increasing constantly on the various social media channels and the SEO service is reaping very positive traffic results.