mobile app dev

Mobile app development

Deloitte Digital has a top-notch mobile app development team consisting of mobile strategists, visual designers and mobile app developers. All our app development projects are overseen by a project manager who serves as the client’s main point of contact.

Our agile app development process makes it easy to scale up or down based on the client’s needs, enabling our team to meet project schedules and stay within budget.

We strive to implement cost effective solutions for our customers so we have invested in training our development team for cross platform solutions of mobile applications. Alert develops mobile apps for iOS, iPad, Android, Android Tablets and Windows Phone that increase user engagement, drive brand awareness and generate new revenue streams.

Using one of the latest and most trending technologies directly from Adobe and the open source community, we use Phone and Apache Cordova combined with other popular frameworks such as JQuery Mobile to achieve cross-platform compatibility in the most efficient manner. Apart from requiring a lower capital investment, it also reduces the long term maintenance costs of your mobile application.

Would you like to achieve more out of your mobile application? We can also integrate your mobile application with the GPS, camera, phone contacts, storage and media files and also trigger notifications directly on the mobile phone. Our team is also specialised in connecting your mobile app with 3rd party tools such as Google maps or with your internal day-to-day business tools such as your CRM.

Once we develop and complete a mobile application for our customers, we will take care of launching your mobile application on the respective mobile store which includes the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone App Store. We will register your application and coordinate everything to make sure your mobile app is made available to the user market in the shortest time possible.

Do you have an idea which you like to evolve? Feel free to contact us for a quote or a meeting to discuss further