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The 2021 Malta Technology Leadership Survey


Deloitte Malta is pleased to announce the launch of the “2021 Malta Technology Leadership Survey.” At Deloitte, we want to understand how the role of technology is changing in business and what lies ahead for technology leaders and organisations in Malta.

Although the role of technology leaders has been changing from before the pandemic, the pandemic forced many organisations to undergo technology-driven digital transformations in a short time to stay relevant. This not only catalysed the transformation of the role of technology leaders, but also proved the need for organisations to be agile in order to survive. 

As a result, the role of the technology leader is shifting from being a business partner or operator to being a leader of technology-driven change. By participating in our survey, you will help us to gain insight into the future opportunities and challenges for technology leaders and organisations. The report, which we will publish later this year, will help organisations to gain a deeper understanding of current trends in the local market.

For more information or to participate in our survey, please visit