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Salesforce Pioneer Pack

Transform your business today with the world's #1 CRM tool

Deloitte Digital is pleased to announce the launch of the Salesforce Pioneer Pack - a simple and affordable solution designed for small and medium sized businesses.
Benefit from our team of Salesforce experts in the most commercially viable manner. The package is designed to help your business jump start your Salesforce implementation and start making use of the world’s #1 CRM leveraging Deloitte’s expertise and best practices at a price that works for you.  

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What the Pioneer Pack covers?

This starter pack includes:
  • A team workshop to cover your business requirements
  • Setup and configuration of the Salesforce CRM platform
  • Email integration
  • Website integration
  • User training and go live

Why choose Salesforce CRM management software?

  1. Easy to use
  2. Increases efficiency and boosts productivity
  3. Scalable platform
  4. Inbuilt reporting and analytics
  5. Unite all your teams around the customer
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