Sales Transformation

Markets, customers, technology and competitive landscapes have changed, meaning that traditional methods to sell and sales management approach is not truly effective in today’s world. Consumers have changed their buying patterns, shifted to different channels, are more informed and have higher expectations. These factors present new challenges to the sales workforce signifying a need for change. To unlock the true potential of your sales team, you need to look beyond pricing and service quality, which although still relevant, are not the sole buying factors influencing today’s customers.

What is sales transformation?

Sales Transformation goes beyond skilling up a sales team or implementing a new channel or technology. It starts with the team embracing a different culture that is driven by determination to constantly improve the customer experience throughout the sales cycle. We look beyond our traditional sales channels by identifying new opportunity streams, more effective ways of communicating, improve our customer understanding, and become more proactive in reaching out. The sales management approach is also different and focuses more on enablement and team empowerment, and manages through the proper reports and KPI’s.

Technology and automation

Beyond the culture, a Sales Transformation also looks at upskilling the team in various disciplines, reward incentives and the technology supporting the teams. Successful teams, also look at automation to increase productivity and revenue, which can be achieved through various means such as implementing the right omni-channel CRM and facilitating communication across various channels, or introducing AI enabled technology such as a chat bot. Technology and automation are becoming essential to maximise the potential of any sales team and to keep the team engaged and motivated whilst freeing up time to focus on building and developing the sales pipeline and top opportunities.

How can Deloitte Digital help?

Our consultants at Deloitte Digital, are highly experienced in assisting organisations in transforming their sales team to become more effective and efficient. Our experts are passionate about creating great digital customer experiences to connect sales teams and customers, streamline business processes, optimise efficiency and transparency across sales units, and achieve a unified customer experience.

Our team can help your business to:

  • Review your current sales strategy and sales management processes
  • Instill a different culture, embracing customer experience across multiple channels
  • Guide you in formalising and streamlining your sales process
  • Recommend key reports and measures to help forecast growth
  • Identify KPIs to help you track your sales team’s performance
  • Centralise data and sales activities for full visibility within the organisation
  • Assist with training needs analysis, deliver training sessions or reviewing the incentives and reward structure for the team
  • Propose tools to assist you in automating repetitive tasks and reducing the administrative tasks of your sales team to allow them to focus on selling
  • Implement the right technology to support your sales process, ranging from CRM, omni-channel solutions, BI & reporting tools, and chat bots
  • Guide you on how to use your data and AI to offer new products and services
  • Assist in improving the human experience for both your employees and customers
If you want to learn more, join our free live one-to-one workshop

During this workshop, you will learn more about:

  • The importance of sales pipeline management and forecasting sales
  • Which reports will help you track your sales pipeline
  • What key KPIs you should be tracking
  • How to keep your sales team engaged
  • How digital technologies can support your team
  • How to respond, recover and thrive during a sales crisis