UX/UI Design

We believe that UX/UI design is essential in today’s marketplace for businesses vying attention.

Why is UX/UI design essential for your business?

  • It increases customer experience;
  • It sustains customer loyalty;
  • It enhances brand awareness;
  • It encourages organizational growth;
  • It offers a competitive advantage over your competitors.

How can Deloitte Digital help?

  • A team of digital designers and front-end developers with years of combined experience who seamlessly work together in this continues changing environment in terms of design trends and technologies.
  • Proficiency in creating eye-catching designs for websites, mobile applications and social media banners for adverts.
  • Knowledge and understanding in multiple industries and businesses ranging from Banking, Insurance and Telecommunications all the way to Government sectors and Private Education.
  • Flexible to accommodate your needs and purposes.
  • We provide support and value as we aim to maximize your return on investment by providing best practices from both a design and front-end point of view.
  • We help you to take responsible and meaningful decisions when it comes to business growth.

At Deloitte Digital, we create web design solutions and services based on these design fundamentals to strengthen and empower your strategy whilst allowing flexibility for media adaptation.


Using appropriate visual identifiers such as colours to distinguish between different states.

Creating visual hierarchy and balanced layout of the elements in the interface to improve readability and legibility;


Providing structure and ordering visual content;

Using negative space to balance layout and provide direct access to the information customers need most;


Making larger touch targets for all users to be able to trigger the desired action;
Maintaining consistency and standards



Making a product stand out by designing an attractive interface design that reflects the brand and gives a competitive advantage, keeping in mind the latest design trends.


Keeping it clear and simple: less is more; Engaging the client’s purpose and values for the project;

Usable & enjoyable

Considering scanning patterns, placing the core elements on the most scanned spots to attract the attention of users; Ensuring that the layout is fluid and scalable.