Content platforms

At Deloitte Digital we can successfully implement a diverse array of digital content experience platforms as we understand that each client has unique requirements and a different budget. For this reason at we have qualified teams that are able to build your online presence on either open source or enterprise grade systems. Such systems can be written with different languages such as PHP or .NET framework. Over the years, our team has built broad experience in various content platforms including Kentico Xperience, Umbraco CMS, and WordPress.

We also understand that your business will grow and possibly change over time; this is why when developing any solution we make sure that it is built in a way to make it possible for us to continue building upon so that it will adapt to your needs.

Right from the day you get in contact with us about your project, we will appoint a Project Manager for you who your main point of contact to co-ordinate your project from start to finish.

How can Deloitte Digital help?

A detail-oriented work ethic

At Deloitte Digital, we give great importance to the detail, hence why while developing any part of a website we keep two important rules in mind:

  • Security by design, to make sure that the product being developed is secure and requires the least possible security pathing in the future.
  • Uniformity is kept throughout all areas of the system to facilitate the use for the end-user. This applies not just for websites or e-commerce systems but also for systems used by back-office users.

We are a Team

Deloitte Digital is made-up of broad team with each member having his or her own area of expertise and technical knowledge. We have dedicated resources for UX/UI, Frontend Development, Backend Developers, DevOps and Digital Marketing experts – ensuring we cover all your needs. This puts us in a position to offer our clients a dedicated team to tailor websites based on the unique needs of our clients.

We’ve been around

We have been creating websites and e-commerce platforms since 1998 and have been part of the web-evolution. We have developed self-service portals, websites and e-commerce platforms for clients across various industries including hospitality, education, telecommunications, retail and public sector.

We’re here to stay

Deloitte Digital Malta is part of a global brand, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Services, Inc. that has been around for the past 175 years and currently has over 300,000 employees worldwide making us one of the biggest four professional service providers worldwide. With a widespread presence around the globe, you know that you will always find our back when you require future work on your commissioned systems.