Mobile Applications

Have you ever wondered how a custom mobile application can benefit your business? Do you want to improve customer engagement? Mobile applications have become a powerful and essential client engagement tool in today’s smartphone driven world. A mobile application offers businesses a platform for marketing while facilitating user flow to access a service.

How can we help?

At Deloitte Digital, our experienced team of Mobile Development specialists is equipped with the latest tools and vast knowledge of various mobile technologies, combining the two to deliver high-end mobile applications to accommodate to any business’s requirements. Our mobile strategists, visual designers and mobile app developers work in sync to transform the initial idea into a user friendly customer experience specifically designed for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

With the help of our customized web services, our mobile applications are designed with the aim to integrate directly to other internal day-to-day business tools. From a backend system to a Customer Relationship Management platform, a mobile application can connect to different services that make the application more flexible and offer more services with just one tap.

The reasons a business should invest in mobile apps:

Increase customer engagement

Increase revenue

Build brand awareness and encourage brand loyalty

User friendly designs allow a smoother flow to access a service

Provide services to your customers that are available with just one tap on their mobile device


Services available 24/7

Capture additional customer insights

Stay competitive and secure a strong presence in your industry

Mobile apps are direct and personalised channel for all users

Allows for dedicated functionalities depending on business needs

Deloitte Digital offers a wealth of experience across different industries. Some of our major projects include:

Transport and logistics

Deloitte Digital developed a mobile application for a local public transport operator. The app integrates with customizable maps that allow users to receive real-time route information from any location. With the app, users can also manage their account online as well as access a pre booking transport service. This app was awarded Best App by the MCA eBusiness Awards.

A local courier service required a mobile application to use as a tool for expanding its business. With Deloitte Digital’s mobile app, the courier logistics centre can communicate with its drivers and update information such as pickup and delivery points. The courier’s drivers can also use the application to mark the delivery status and hence allow the logistics centre to manage the fleet operation in real time.


Our strength in the telecommunications industry has granted us the possibility of developing a mobile platform for the largest telecommunications company in Malta. With the mobile app thousands of users have access to a large portfolio of services including mobile top ups and bill payments. Upon launch users could also avail themselves of interactive integrated promotional offers and have a direct communication channel with the customer care team via call or online chat.


Deloitte Digital has been instrumental in assisting a government agency to improve its tax services. Through the development of a mobile app the agency has facilitated the way users can calculate the tax. The app uses the most recent local tax rates to calculate different tax payable amounts based on the user’s input.


A mobile application was developed for a well-known autism research centre and local NGO to help parents and therapists create social stories for children with learning difficulties. The app offers a very simple child friendly design. Thanks to this mobile app, parents can create stories or assign an existing public story from the story library to children. The data collected by the application is then analysed by the research centre using a custom backend system.